Who Is Jason?

Jason is me, a designer at heart,
a charming young lad and ready to start.

For over 10 years I've been pushing pixels, writing jQueries,
discovering the arts of userfriendly theories.

Completely from scratch or just an update,
a grandiose project or something lightweight.

Whatever your wants and whatever your needs,
if you hire me you're bound to succeed.

User Experience & Interface

Crafting experiences and functional interfaces is part of what makes a brand stick out (and making it look good on every device helps too).


Web optimized scalable svg icons and images (like these ones) make your site look awesome and professional.

Animation & Behaviour

Animations and behaviour, coded in JS/jQuery help make your site more engaging

Some Of My Work

Here is a small selection of my work, for more up to date things you should probably check out my dribbble.


An extremesports spot database where the community can create and share spots. The api allows third parties to join in and create even more applications.


Janson Heemskerk

A Rotterdam based Accounting agency.



In association with Zidot, help create responsiveness in HTML/CSS for the Peugeot Nederland campaign website.

Case Study by Zidiot

Thesis: Trustworthiness Through Design

For my thesis I helped create a secure file sharing web application (prototype) using the Conductance Framework. I researched how colour and typography help create trustworthiness.

View Thesis (PDF 20 mb)

Clickable Prototype

Onilabs & Conductance

While working at Oni Labs I worked on the UX and UI of the Conductance website. There I created the UI/UX and illustrations to help create a strong brand identity.

View Conductance


Punchclock a lightweight time tracking application for freelancers by freelancers.

Participate in the Alpha (free)


For my minor we worked on creating Customer Loyalty for supermarkets by creating a system where you waste as little food as possible.

View Case Study

Tikishire: Mobile Game

Tikishire is a puzzle game for mobile that we are currently working on.

Visit Our Facebook Page

Fortynine: Wasted

Fortynine is a Dutch Nu-Metal band.

The Traveler (youtube)

Wasted (youtube)

more @ Dribbble


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Jason Teunissen

Me in a nutshell. Born in NZ and lived there till I was 13, then I moved to Holland.

Due to my love for games and design I studied "3D Animation & Games" but learned that the production process was too long and the teams too big.

I went on to study Communication & Mutlimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. This is also where I met the people that eventually started Punchclock and part of the We Are Special Collaboration. I also did my minor on "Customer Loyalty for Supermarkets Through Interface Design" which eventually lead to Expiry which is a case study on how to create a system which helps you waste less food.

During my study I started working at a small startup called Oni Labs that was working on Conductance (Awesome JS Asynchronous code stuff). There I helped with Experience Design, Interface Design, Branding and Illustrations.

This is also where I did my Thesis: Trustworthiness Through Design. Where I researched how colour palettes and typography effect the perception of trustworthiness for a secure file sharing web application.

more @ Linkedin


If you're interested in working together, send me an email with what you have in mind. We can then meet up (or skype call if you're far away)

Email meinfo@jasonteunissen.nl
Call me06 17 882 877
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Email meinfo@jasonteunissen.nl
Call me06 17 882 877
BTW #237228932B01
KVK #57050333
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